Our business model and technology are designed to fit seamlessly with the way drivers already operate. Drivers access smart batteries on demand from the network of Ampersand swap stations. 

With our solution drivers enjoy the savings of e-mobility without the upfront cost, and risk of buying a lithium battery pack or increasing downtime while waiting for batteries to recharge.  


Renting a charged battery from Ampersand saves driver’s over $500 per year. Each battery delivers around 60-90 km of range and requires swapping out less often than drivers commonly refuel with petrol. It's all made possible by Ampersand's unique Amper-Ops connected network of smart batteries and swap stations, and a vehicle drivetrain tailored for our customers' needs and African roads.


Moto driver purchases or leases a pay-as-you-drive Ampersand e-moto


When battery is low the driver visits an Ampersand swap station


Ampersand swaps out depleted battery for a new battery, driver pays for energy used


Driver continues their day, swapping when required


Smart battery management system with online telematics

Built in safety against short circuit and impact

Fast charging enabled with passive cooling technology

Ultra-high lifecycle lithium battery technology



Ampersand has created the future of battery fleet management through our proprietary Amper-Ops online and mobile platforms.  

Amper-Ops agile system allows for: 


  • Seamless management of battery packs with customisable parameters such as state of health analysis and geofenced alarms

  • Customisable insights to intimately understand ROI of each station, driver and battery and respond in real-time

  • Smart maintenance systems that automatically alert us to required battery or vehicle repairs before breakdowns happen

High power LED headlight 

for improved visibility

and safety

Ampersand BLDC

high power motor

in rear wheel

Front and rear disc brakes for improved safety

Smooth silent ride for increased comfort

Automatic gearing

Electric regenerative

braking for energy recovery

Storage compartment

Ampersand swappable smart battery