Ampersand is Africa’s first and leading integrated electric motorcycle and transport energy solution. We offer East Africa's five million taxi motorcyclists a commercial electric motorcycle that is cheaper from day one, provides  better overall user experience and requires minimal customer behaviour change. 


Using technology adapted for the local market and the right business model to achieve scale, our vehicles deliver superior driving performance, emit 75% less carbon than petrol motorcycles with zero tailpipe emissions and put over $500 a year back into drivers' pockets.


In May 2019 Ampersand launched a new era in African mobility with
20 e-motos who are operating on a commercial basis, taking passengers and goods across Kigali.


Five different prototype vehicles tested in Kigali: on road, in the lab, and with customers


Expansion up to 200 vehicles and 5 swap stations


Market identification, research, customer discovery, vehicle specs, and business model design


Workshop Rene and Ben Aug 2019.jpg


Commercial launch:

3 swap stations across Kigali and fleet of 20

e-moto taxis.


Rwanda announces mototaxi electrification goals.  


Copy of Christiane _ Gitwaza in Kimihuru
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Based in Kigali, Ampersand has grown from a tiny bootstrapped R&D garage project into East Africa's leading electric vehicle operation, with a team of 43 staff.


All Ampersand motorcycles and batteries are assembled on site by our talented team.

Investing in the next generation of African developers and engineers is crucial to putting Africa on the map and leading the way with new technologies.


That’s why we host a number of intern roles in all departments and are always on the lookout for fresh talent who are excited by our vision.