Ampersand builds affordable electric vehicles and charging systems for the five million motorcycle taxi drivers in
East Africa.
We are creating a world where motorcycle transport is cleaner and more profitable for its consumers than ever before.
Going electric will double a driver’s income now, and leapfrog Africa towards a zero carbon future.


Reduced CO2

emissions by

45 Tonnes

Driven over

400,000 kms

Increased customers income by

50% per day


Our customers work hard.


They tend to be in their late 20’s - 30’s, work 6 days a week, for an average of 14 hours and covering up to 190km per day. The income they generate typically supports 4.4 people. 


Ampersand's solution is designed with taxi drivers' in mind. Our guiding philosophy is to offer drivers a motorcycle and energy that costs less to acquire and operate, outperforms their current setup in every way, and happens to be electric. Battery swaps are faster than refuelling, cost less than a tank of petrol, and take the driver further. We take care of servicing, repairs and spare parts and financing drivers rely on is also available, but on better terms. 



Ampersand unique battery swapping system allows users to access and batteries anywhere in the network. Swaps are done within minutes just like getting a tank of fuel.


Ampersand swap managing networks optimizes battery distribution and lifespan by learning from live data analytics of battery locations, state of charge, and our charging station network.

Ampersand's solution can electrify motorcycle fleets without high capital costs.